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Reports of Print’s death have been
greatly exaggerated.

Indeed, print marketing is alive and thriving – it’s simply evolved, grown and adapted to a changing world. There will always be a place for the tactile feel of paper in your hands, or the visual stimulation that brings brilliant design to palpable life.

If you buy into the notion that print is dead, then your business is missing out on opportunities to communicate its core message in a way that integrates seamlessly with digital and other channels to create a consistent, holistic marketing ecosystem. Whether it’s an eye-catching brochure, ingeniously designed packaging that dazzles the consumer,

or a creative business card that makes an impactful first impression; printed material is a critical part of your marketing and branding mix.

While other’s jump what they deem to be a sinking ship, we’re proudly flying the flag and sailing forth to undiscovered lands of creativity and aesthetic brilliance. There are no pop-ups, no advertising banners and no offers of sweepstakes riches if only you click here NOW! In a world awash with scrolling, clicking and surfing, the opportunity to make a bold, physical statement is there for the taking.

Speak to us today about how you can augment your marketing communications with innovative print media that add value to your brand, blend perfectly with your digital assets and wow your audience.

Print is alive and kicking, and it lives right here, at Jalapeno Creative.

Commission for Children And Young People

A fresh look at every aspect of critical marketing collateral, covering everything from the organisation’s letterhead to their annual report.

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