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Who are you?

What are your values? What do you believe in?

What makes your organisation special, and how does that answer the burning questions that your target market is asking itself every day?

Encapsulating all of this into a corporate brand is no easy feat. However, it’s one that we have been nailing for years for businesses from the top end of town to ones just around the corner. We’ve achieved this by blending stunning design sensibilities with razor-sharp marketing instincts and experience. It’s a combination that means we not only know what to say but how best to say it.

Building a powerful brand means far more than designing a pretty logo. It’s about crafting a total corporate image that gets to the very essence of what you represent and communicates that in a way that resonates across all platforms.

The best brands begin from the inside, out. Our process starts by focusing internally to arrive at a clear and lucid understanding of what makes your organisation special; what makes it tick. We’ll prod and probe, asking the tough questions that might make you squirm a little, but will bring out the essential clarity that informs every step of the design process.

Together, we’ll take a journey whose destination is right where it begins – with you. We’ll help you define who you are and translate that into an image that can be projected to the world to redefine how it sees the true you.

That’s real branding.

That’s the Jalapeno way.

Jemena Safety Fair

Leveraging design to find smart solutions to social challenges and the development of organisational communication tools.

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