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Whitehorse Towers

  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design

The Challenge.

When Deague Group engaged Jalapeno Creative to develop a building identity and a campaign they could take to market for their Box Hill-based development, Whitehorse Towers, the objective of the campaign was to motivate investors to sign with the company’s real estate arm – and then market the 500+ apartments to potential residential tenants in the surrounding area. Dealing with such a unique building launch (it was the first time this type of product – a mixed use building comprising residential apartments, a 5-star hotel, retail offerings, car parking and storage facilities – had been offered to the local market), presented a number of marketing challenges. We knew we needed a campaign that would address this specific issues, plus achieve the greater marketing goal – to enhance their reputation as a company that creates, designs, markets and sells world-class commercial and residential buildings.

Our Approach.

The sheer size of the development meant that the number of rental properties in the immediate area suddenly tripled and, with a limited time-frame to lease all 500+ apartments, our team knew how important it was to ensure the campaign was successful from the start.

We knew we had to be aggressive in our approach, yet it was crucial to remain utterly faithful to the sleek, sophisticated beauty of this stunning landmark. Achieving this delicate balance would be no easy feat, and the stakes were high.

We applied a holistic, multi-channel approach that took the nucleus of gorgeous design and extended it across digital, print and other media to reach the largest possible audience, without sacrificing the integrity of the marketing message and premium brand image

Our Process.

  1. Delivering clean, simple creative that was fully transferable across all channels was the foundation of a campaign that needed a laser focus and immediate audience engagement. Supplying both English and Mandarin versions for all key pieces of marketing collateral helped achieve direct communication with the target audience and also helped fulfil their vision to continue to be recognised as an innovator in their industry.

  2. The campaign was a huge success and the sales team handling the development were inundated with enquiries in the first week after launching. Results far exceeded their expectations and this building remains 100% occupied.