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Jemena Safety Fair

  • Event Design

The Challenge.

During Jemena’s Safety Fair, Jalapeno was engaged to give head office employees a sensory experience via games or activities that enable them to understand the way work is carried out by high risk field employees and how their safety is impacted. Design thinking workshops with Jemena’s HSEQ team revealed that head office personnel are keen to understand the workings of the entire business but they often don’t get the opportunity or time to travel to more remote sites resulting in a lower experience rate around what happens in the field.

Our Approach.

During the planning stage, we identified that there are risks that can cause physical or mental harm that are not always seen or acknowledged until they are hard to ignore. These ‘invisible risks’ formed the theme of our safety fair. Our design approach for the fair was to inform, empathise and connect our audience to invisible risks across four sectors of the business – Customer Service, Faults and Emergencies, Maintenance and Planning and Projects and Construction using a variety of sensory media before and during the event.

Our Process.

  1. To create a truly immersive experience we adopted a ‘hear, see, feel, think’ approach. From the expo’s entry point until the ‘chill out’ lounge at the end, attendees were encouraged to interact with the displays via auditory stimuli, attempt physical activities performed in the field or identify their role in the bigger picture.

    Perhaps the draw card of the event was the use of virtual reality. Attendees donned virtual reality glasses simulating the work day of a field team member across the gas and electricity network. Some of the experiences included working at height with high voltage electricity or fixing a gas leak at a customer’s home. Invisible risks were exposed as ‘trigger points’ offering pieces of safety information around tasks within the experience. 

    A mini-experience was also created using Google Cardboard. It contained a shortened version of the virtual reality experiences in a take away format to avoid attendees missing out due to popularity of VR booths and limited time.

  2. Along with VR there were many other sensory experiences used to drive our ‘hidden risks’ message:

    • Invitations were sent with a pair of ‘decoder’ glasses revealing hidden messages, both on the invitation and on teaser signage before the event.

    • A series of motion activated standees with sound added an element of surprise upon entry.

    • A giant game based on ‘Tower of Hanoi’ was used to emphasise the decision making process. 

    • Attendees were challenged to acknowledge their role in the bigger picture and write this on take home cards.

    • A ‘Live Feedback Wall’ was set up with an illustrator story boarding what safety means from the viewpoints of our team members.

    Jalapeno Responsibilities: Concept and theme development, Project management, Design and production, Event planning, Scheduling, budget planning
    Intellect and final approval: Jemena HSEQ
    Special mention: TRO