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Commission for Children And Young People

  • Brand Strategy
  • Publication Design

The Challenge.

The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) needed to create a consistent look for their internal & external publications and stationery, and commissioned Jalapeno Creative to create a style guide that could be flexible across print, digital and internal templates – a fresh look at every aspect of critical marketing collateral that covered everything from the organisation’s letterhead to their annual report.

Our Approach.

It was clear 2017 was a big year for the Commission. To help them prepare to take on the administration of the Reportable Conduct Scheme (a new regulatory scheme to ensure organisations investigate instances of child abuse properly), they had developed a large amount of educational material and completed an important redevelopment of their website. Two major inquiry reports had also been published and with so much going on, they needed their material supported by a professional, approachable and consistent visual style.

To help boost sustainable credibility and professionalism, the visual style had to be something that stakeholders and members of the public visiting the website and related publications could recognise at a quick glance.  

Our Process.

  1. Because of the sensitive nature of their work, one major marketing challenge was the difficulty in adding imagery to their publications. Our solution was to create a set of interesting visual elements, including patterns and shapes, that were used to break up text-heavy documents and offer a visual respite within subject matters that are otherwise hard to illustrate.

  2. To enhance the value of the style guide, it needed to extend far beyond the print and digital materials, with the branding and visual assets produced by our Jalapeno team utilised across merchandise and promotional material, such as t-shirts and cups. When the style guide was provided to the architects completing a recent office refurbishment for the organisation, the colour pallette was also used for key features throughout the internal fit-out – adding another level of branding congruence and professionalism.