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Smoke & Mirrors

Is Your Digital Marketing Provider Utilising the Best SEO Strategies & Techniques?

Yep, it’s another one of those calls! You know the ones I mean; from a bloke who says his name is Bruce but sounds like he’s from a place where the nearest Bruce is at least 5000km away. You guessed it, “Bruce” wants to talk to you about the pitiful status of your website’s SEO and help you reach 12 Billion people online every month. Bruce is dreadfully worried that your keywords have not been inserted into the tags, among a litany of digital marketing hanging offences that have been committed on your domain. He’s noticed with horror that you’re not ranking on page 1 for your main keywords. Right now he can’t think what any of them are, but trust him! They’re out there!

Fear not, however! Bruce is here to help you (phew). He’s going to give you 800 keywords (wow!), and if they don’t get you onto page 1, they’ll work for free until they do (amazing!). He will ensure that all your meta titles are blissfully aligned with your headers, and you can sleep at night, secure in the knowledge that those renegade keywords have been lovingly returned to the safe, warm embrace of The Tags. The best part? All this can be yours for the wee, wee price of $99.00 per month.

Sound too good to be true?

Sorry Bruce, but it is.


It’s Digital Marketing, Jim, But Not as We Know It

SEO always has been, and likely always will be a bit of a black box. The reason for this is that like it or not, ALL SEO is an attempt to manipulate Google’s algorithm to rank domains higher in search results. Sometimes legitimate tactics are implemented to achieve this aim. Sometimes methods a little more on the shady side are utilised. Whatever the case, given that pretty much nobody in the world knows every precise detail of said algorithm, SEO will always be at least partial guesswork. In fact, it has been widely speculated, if not confirmed, that Google employs machine learning in its algorithm, which means that theoretically, every single search will have an incremental effect on the great oracle of our times.

The sheer opaqueness of organic search marketing makes it fertile ground for shysters and snake-oil salesmen of every ilk to try to cash in and make a quick buck at the expense of unsuspecting business owners who appreciate the potential for strong search engine rankings to have a transformational impact on their livelihoods.

Unfortunately, we see far too many of these entrepreneurs who come to us in extreme frustration and duress, sometimes in tears, due to unscrupulous SEO companies that have taken their money and delivered 39 flavours of nothing for the pleasure. So, how can you tell if you’re being conned? Let’s look at a few of the signs:

Promises, Promises
Let’s get one thing completely clear. No SEO company can promise or guarantee you anything when it comes to results. When Bruce and his mates start promising page 1 rankings, start running for the hills.

Keywords Lists
50 keywords might sound like a great deal for you but think about this for a second. How on earth is Bruce going to find the resources to ensure that all 50 keywords will rank? He and his buddies “Shane” and “Kevin” would have to create hundreds, if not thousands of backlinks every month to ensure that each keyword got enough juice. That kind of spammy, black-hat activity is a one-way ticket to penalisation that will see you fighting your way back from page 1,627,983.

It’s Freebie Time
Nothing in this world is free, especially when it comes to SEO. Bruce and his mates will likely lock you into a 12 or 24-month contract. Make no mistake, you will pay Bruce for all 12 or 24 months of work. Say after 6 months you wise up to the fact that they’ve achieved no results and they tell you they’ll work for free. The next month will not form part of your contracted period. It will rather be month 6.1 and so on. Eventually, Bruce will send you a screenshot of an obscure, irrelevant keyword that probably has zero search volume, sitting at position 10 and the clock will restart.

Clear Reporting
Pages and pages of automatically generated reports that are densely populated with numbers and jargon that confuse and bamboozle rather than inform. That’s what you can look forward to with many agencies. The theory is simple: provide sufficient volumes of technical-sounding information and the client will be lulled into the impression that we are doing something productive.

We Only Use White Hat!
Honestly – if they have to try that hard to convince you, it’s probably because they’re doing something dodgy. You wouldn’t use an accountant that made a massive deal about advertising “we use only legal accounting practices!” now, would you?


A Harsh Reality

The sad, and often difficult to accept reality is that for many companies it just makes little sense to work hard to keep a client. For them, your $1000/month is far better spent paying a phone monkey to make 100 cold calls a day that result in 2-3 new clients, than it is devoted to getting you superb results. At the end of the 12-month contract when you’re devastated at the amount you’ve invested for zero return, they’re more than happy to see you go, as they’ve replaced you many times over. Would you like fries with that? Drive through to the next window, please.


In Search of the Best SEO Strategies and Techniques

So, as a business in need of digital marketing, what are you to do? How are you to determine which SEO companies are legit, and which are looking for a quick buck? Fortunately, Google themselves have made this more straightforward for us. Google’s business is to deliver the best quality, most relevant search results that guide users to informative, easy to use websites with helpful, engaging content. Their algorithm has gradually evolved to bias against the kind of spammy, shady techniques that crappy SEO companies use in an attempt to game the system, and towards practices that give users what they want.

A website with well-written, natural, informative and entertaining content and a backlink profile filled with a smaller number of high-quality organic links is usually going to rank far better than one with thousands of toxic links to directories in Eastern Europe or the subcontinent. An SEO company that takes a highly strategic approach and provides transparency and intelligibility is likely to be one that will get the results you need to drive business growth.

This is how we operate at Jalapeno Creative. It’s pretty simple: we’re entirely focused on employing the best SEO strategies and techniques to deliver sustained results that drive the maximum number of the most relevant traffic to your site. We understand that SEO can be imprecise and confusing, so we are committed to providing honest, easy to comprehend reporting and sound advice at every step of the way.

To see for yourself the difference that the Jalapeno approach makes, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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