Tin Shed Charcuterie Co.

The owners of the small family run Tin Shed Charcuterie Company saw a gap in the market for quality Australian made French inspired delicatessen products. Their range of pâtés, rillettes and terrines are designed to create a link between fine French cookery and quality locally grown Australian ingredients. The importance of this message can be seen in the brand, subtly juxtaposing identifiably French and Australian iconography; both are evident in the design although neither dominate. The French provincial typography within the brand mark compliments an evidently iconic Australian tin shed that is synonymous with the outback and inspired by great Australian artists like Fredrick McCubbin and Tom Roberts. It is the illustrative technique that hides its origin within its French counterpart. The use of these familiar icons and styles encapsulates the essence of the product within and broadens appeal amongst new to category and fine food enthusiasts alike. Undeniably French recipes made with fresh, premium Australian produce.

The brand is still in its infancy having only launched in July 2015. This makes it difficult to assess branding impact over any measurable period of time. What we can note is the immediate opportunities to return on investment that are directly linked to branding. While looking for wholesale opportunities, packaging design renders were sent to prospects, and without tastings, The Tin Shed Charcuterie Co was offered retail opportunities in gourmet food stalls both locally and interstate, growing a national footprint within two short months. Initial response from the general public has also been positive with sell out results at farmers markets and overwhelming positive feedback. Our client’s investment into her brand allows her to immediately compete against high end FMCG products in the deli category as a trustworthy and established brand. Being a small, family run business, the ability to compete at this level is an important step to grow market share and brand recognition allowing her to recoup her outgoing expenses in a shorter space of time.