Jalapeno Office

New office. Fresh ideas.

September 7, 2016 Ness Kelly
Jalapeno Office

We’re loving the new office and If you haven’t seen it already, pop in and say hi. The guys have had the coffee machine working overtime and our newest member, Sarah, has managed some mighty impressive latte art.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing the last couple of months. Not many people can say that they have the personal mobile number of the telephone exchange guy. Happy to say that we’re 100% connected to the South Melbourne exchange. It took several phone calls, a visit from the electrician, several more calls via our mobiles during down time, some internet borrowing from the office upstairs and a couple of visits from the techs at ET Telecom – but we got there.


After getting the phone working and sending out our Lionel Richie inspired apologies for the downtime, our first call was from the delightful Brittany at Andrew Engineering. Congratulations for being the first to call. We hope you enjoy your bottle of Piper.

Lionel Richie