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September 6, 2016 Ness Kelly
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The start of this financial year saw the launch of Access4,  a leader in Cloud Unified Communications Solutions and support services.

Great you say? It’s pretty amazing, actually.

Here’s a very basic way of understanding it…

If you’ve ever used Skype for a meeting, called a client on Viber, shared a document on Team Viewer or sent a text message using WhatsApp then you’re already using unified communications in your business – you’re just using several companies to do it. Access4 offers all of the above bundled with a phone and internet service allowing you to manage your business communications through one seamless portal. That means one account, one password to remember and one piece of software to use and understand across all of your office and mobile devices.

The above only briefly touches on the many, many (many) benefits of Access4. You can read more about them here.

We were asked to develop the brand behind Access4 and help launch it into the world. What we noticed is that Access4 is not like any other telco currently on the market. They understand the need to emerge with popular technology and cater to businesses of all size and structure. They see their future clientele and their potential and they understand that not all CEOs wear a suit or work a 9-5 office job. Perhaps their most endearing quality, however, is that their product encourages a work life balance through seamless, integrated technology that can make business communication easier, faster and more productive. This is the essence of what we hoped to capture in their branding and identity.

It’s been a ball working on this project with the Access4 team and we can’t wait to see where this all-inclusive cloud based company leads the telecommunications industry. Our guess is a long, long way.

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