Jalapeno Creative as a FMCG.

FMCG, Jalapenos and a bag of chips.

August 26, 2014 Ness Kelly

We all go a little nutty, or in this case, “chippy”, on a Friday. As the weekend inches closer, focus shifts away from pixels and print to beer and banter.

According to Ben, our design director, if Jalapeno Creative was a fast-moving consumer good (FMCG), we would be a delicious bag of Jalapeno Popper chips.

Of course we would…?

Jalapeno Creative as a FMCG.

Before we could slow clap his idea and crush his spirit, Ben decided to take it a step further and actually design the packaging. Ok you win Ben. I’m converted. Although now this amazing looking, fictional bag of Jalapeno Poppers is just a massive tease that we will never be able to physically enjoy.

Nice work Ben. They look delicious. Perhaps there’s a market there?

I’d buy them.