New Financial Year Resolutions

June 26, 2014 Ness Kelly

Learning how to breakdance or patting a chicken for the first time are awful financial resolutions. Yes, they are cool as hell but they wont help you make any money. Unless you’re planning to train your newly befriended chicken how to breakdance and…


Not even then.

So why should design be on the top of your financial resolution list? In 2008, Speedo paid mega bucks to see their branding on the bottoms of 94% of all gold medalists in the pool at the Beijing Olympics. Why? Because advertising is a powerful selling tool and your image should be as important to you as your bottom line (mind the pun…).

Your public profile or brand is what makes you appealing to your market. Good design is a purchase driver. It says a lot about how much you value your business and how serious you are within your business category. It showcases your values and gives you a trusted face amongst a sea of competition. According to research conducted by the Design Council, every $100 spent on design, increases turnover by $225. On the flip side, two-thirds of companies will choose to ignore the importance of design and find themselves reducing their price point to stay competitive, so it makes good economic sense to invest in good design.

So what makes Jalapeno Creative good at design and good for your business?

Our unique briefing process
Bad briefing through internal communication can result in more of your money being spent wasting time. After noticing the mistakes made by other studios in the industry, we changed this process. All of our clients speak directly with designers through out their project, keeping the lines of communication open. This means no middleman, no miscommunication and nowhere to hide. It is a unique process that we find produces the best results. Paul Boag from Smashing magazine summed it up nicely in his article ‘Why Account Managers Shouldn’t Prevent Designers From Speaking To Clients’. He states that “When all communication has to pass through a middleman, the chances of misunderstanding and mistakes are further increased. Like a game of Chinese whispers…”. Exactly Paul. Exactly.

Because our clients say so…
We have a tonne of happy, successful and growing clients. We even have clients who have been on the books with us since we started back in 2007. Click here to see some of their testimonials.

We get results
And isn’t this the point? Seeing an increase in sales is like Christmas to a designer. It’s hard work paying off.

AusInc Case Study
After sitting with one of our clients and discussing his objectives, we were able to analyse the competition, create a strategic design plan and breathe new life into his stationery line with a rebrand. Quirkii and Krisp were born. This project saw a 30% increase in like for like sales in Officeworks stores around Australia. The branding and packaging were the only changes to the product. Quantities, location in store and price point all remained the same. His stationery even got a gig on the TV show House Husbands.

AusInc Case Study

AusInc Case Study

And if you already have in-house designers?

Great! We love that! It means that you do see the value of design. And we would be an extension on your team, not a replacement. For example we could:

  • Expand your capacity and fill holes in your team’s skill set by introducing ours.
  • Avoid additional hardware and software/licensing expenses
  • Set up collaborative think tanks. More heads are better than one.
  • Offer quick turn around times where staff might be absent

My point? Good, strategic design is a valuable asset to your business. It will increase your sales and make you money. It will improve the way your customers view your product. Ultimately, it will add value to your business and that’s what Jalapeno Creative is all about – adding value to your business this new financial year and every year after that.

If you would like to get in contact, give one of our friendly designers a call on 03 9682 4609 or email

Online Brief
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Hope to hear from you real soon.

Team Jalapeno