Hey drivers…just a thought

March 21, 2014 Ness Kelly

People are funny.

This was a thought I had as I was on my way into work crawling past every other pissed off driver on the West Gate freeway. Not one of them had a smile on their face. Mostly they were vacant and starry-eyed. If I was to guess what was going through their mind I would most certainly think that armageddon was on the other side of the bridge. It wasn’t. We all survived.

Isn’t that a crap way to start the day? You can’t do anything about slow traffic… or other people… or their cars that are in the way of your good time.  So I forced myself to smile the whole way into work.

It was weird.

I’m sure other drivers were looking into my car, thinking I was on crack, and taking down my number plate. But after a while it became natural and it made the car ride quite enjoyable. It put me in a good mood eventually. Even though I had left the house without breakfast, stressed, tired and pretty sure I had baby food on my top. I forgot all about that and smiled. Yep… I’m a happy weirdo.

Imagine if you applied this principal to everyday life. You probably would look like some sort of maniac with their own hidden agenda but that’s only because everyone else around you is too busy being crap to relate to your new found awesomness.

My point? Smile whenever you can. Force yourself to be happy and you will be. It’ll make work fun. It might even be contagious.