Printers vs the web…

February 18, 2014 Ness Kelly

It’s no secret that the digital age is upon us. Actually it’s already on us. It’s in our faces. It’s making our ears hurt and it’s giving us gamers thumb with quirky, addictive (and pretty stupid) games like Flappy Bird. Everyone has a website or landing page and if you don’t have one of these, you’ve more than likely got some sort of social media happening that connects you to the rest of the online world. And why wouldn’t you be online? It’s so easy! You can take a picture, upload it and shoot it out to a million of your closest Facebook friends in under a minute.

The effects of the web roll across all manner of industries and the design industry is right in the thick of it. We find that most of our printed material is replicated in some form or another digitally. Great for us! We’ll roll with the punches. But what about the printing industry? Those poor buggers must be feeling it. So how does the print industry still stay relevant in a digital world? If you can’t beat them, join them! Create a fun interactive web site that makes print relevant again. That’s why i’m writing this post. To pay credit to BJ Ball Papers for engaging in a digital print project, challenging the creative market to define “Quality” in 3 ways; as a colour, as a word and as a font. If you complete the survey, you even get a limited edition publication printed on one of BJ Ball’s premium paper stocks. Pretty clever. Wish we’d thought of it!