Special Project – Telstra on Wheels

December 9, 2013 Ben Kelly

Showcase Telstra’s latest Connected Home technology and devices in a mobile store that can be driven “off the grid” to remote places in Australia.

The Connected Home an old concept with new legs… Australia’s big thinkers are what make this country great. With out them, there would be no progress or innovation. Harry Seidler was a man with big ideas in the 1950s. His homes were about embracing a new type of living environment – an open plan space that connected the everyday family and their activities on a daily basis. Traditionally, rooms such as the kitchen and living room had been built as separate zones, Seidler was now showing how we could amalgamate these spaces together and live in a connected home.

It is this idea of seamlessly connecting the home that is still very relevant in today’s society. Telstra breathes new life into this concept through innovation relevant to the modern family. Connecting people not only in their homes but to those all over the world.

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